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Enthralling is the best word to describe Steve’s program. Steve is a natural storyteller and relates well with the children. They love his magic tricks and his “corny” jokes. The adults laughed as hard as the kids did and also appreciated the strong message about the value of books and reading. Steve is living his dream and enjoying every minute of it!
Teresa Calhoun, Stewartsville Elementary - Goodview, VA
Steve Somers does an excellent job of captivating his audience with magic and all the while reinforcing how magical reading a book can be. Children will be amazed and delighted by his use of book characters and real life experiences of how a book can open a door to help you achieve your goals and dreams in life.
Carol Anne Copley, Shadybrook Elementary - High Point, NC
The faculty and staff loved the program and have expressed interest in having Steve come back to E. Wilson Morrison. the program was engaging and entertaining and that the students and faculty loved the program.
Jennifer Cooper, E. Wilson Morrison - Front Royal, VA
I got a lot of feedback from teachers saying they loved the program. I also had students coming to the library asking for the books featured. This is an e-mail a first grade teacher send me:”I just wanted you to know how much I loved the assembly yesterday! The kids couldn’t stop talking about it and were actually telling each other about the different things they wanted to look up when we have library next. Mission accomplished! He was great.”
Sherry Lord, Claremont Immersion School - Arlington, VA
The students have enjoyed each program that Steve has presented, and this is the third year he has been at my school. They always talk about “the Magician” Steve’s programs are great, and the children will love them.
Earlene Lester, Coeburn Primary - Coeburn, VA