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An Exciting High Seas Adventure in Search of Good Character!

CaptainStevePhoto_400Ahoy mates! Gear up for a high-seas adventure. Join Captain Steve and his friends as they take your kids on an amazing voyage in search of good character. Students will discover the importance of making wise choices while learning about values such as: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.

Students enjoy magic tricks, drama, puppets, stories, and music while connecting with good character traits.  By the end of the programs students discover one “real” benefit to positive character development: friendship. As with all the Amazing Teacher programs, Steve makes reading and learning fun!

CharacterCountsA character development specialist, Steve is certified by CHARACTER COUNTS! the most widely implemented approach to character education.  It is embraced by thousands of schools, communities, public agencies and nonprofits.  Character Counts! is an educational framework for teaching universal values.  It transcends politics, religion, and cultural differences.

“Steve is a master at keeping kids attention and getting them actively involved in his presentation. He relates to very young children in an age appropriate way yet alters his delivery for older students.”
Sara Haskins, Green Valley Elementary, Roanoke, VA
“Steve is so easy to deal with; excellent website and printed materials; very easy to contact and schedule; very entertaining and educational; a real treat for our students.”
Linda Fowler, Southwest Elementary - Lexington, NC
“I think “Amazing” says it all.”
Becky Street, Twin Valley Elementary - Oakwood, VA

Throughout the 45-50 minute presentation Steve uses a treasure trove of books and stories that set the stage for learning and fun.  Special guest, Tucker Turtle (a puppet) interrupts the show searching for a letter, only to discover something even more valuable.  Along with Tucker, students learn that good character is the real treasure of life. Character is who we are on the inside; it is how we act when nobody is watching.

Based on the strategic learning objectives for character education, students will discover the six pillars of excellence. In particular, the students will interact with Steve and be challenged to:

  • Discover how live responsible lives each day
  • Recognize valuable character traits through storytelling
  • Integrate reading skills with daily life
  • Use their imagination as a tool of adventure
  • Read for fun and enjoyment
  • Become good citizens at home and school

Incorporates Great Books

The Set Sail show includes a fascinating collection of both fiction and non fiction stories designed to teach important life lessons.  Students will discover the value of honesty as from Ping and the Empty Pot;   the power of listening and respect from Abraham Lincoln and the importance of responsibility in everyday life.


Customize the Show

The Set Sail show is not just a character education program but can be customized to focus on several related topics.  Some schedule it as a Constitution day program with an emphasis on citizenship.  Others request a focus on Kid’s voting, or even anti-bullying.  You can set the compass in the direction that is best for your situation.

SetSailCaptainSteveThe Search for Treasure

Captain Steve will lead your audience on an imaginary nautical adventure that results in finding treasure.  Not something that you can see, or touch and feel, but rather something much more valuable than gold or silver.  Your young readers will discover something they all desire most; the greatest treasure of all: friendship

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Set Sail is a great character education and reading show!

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