These resources are intended for the official contact person(s) or host of the Amazing Teacher event. While we make every effort to communicate information via email and snail mail, occasionally things get lost. Below are several tabs that will help make hosting the event a success. All of the resources below are provided in Adobe Reader (PDF) format.  Get Adobe Reader Here.

Make the Most of Steve's Visit

Steve has painstakingly created an educationally significant assembly program that will entertain and motivate your students to read, both for pleasure and life.  To ensure you get the MAXIMUM value from the program please try to incorporate the guidelines as applicable in How To Make the Most of Steve’s Visit!

IRS W-9 Form

Independent contractors, like Amazing Teacher, who work for themselves often need to provide an IRS W-9 Form to their clients (schools and libraries). Clients use the information  to properly prepare Form 1099-MISC to report self-employment income paid to an independent contractor.  Currently this form is only required if your school or library is paying more than $600 for our services during one calendar year.

Since we have a separate business entity – Amazing Productions, this form is a simple way to provide our official business name, address and Employer Identification Number (EIN) of our business.  When in doubt, check with your treasurer or bookkeeper to see if you need this form.


Time permitting, Steve is happy to turn your event into an Amazing Author Visit. Please keep in mind, this is optional – however, please let us know if you want to do this.

Steve has written several books related to magic tricks, science, puzzles, optical illusions, and more. He enjoys the opportunity to share his experiences with writing, editing, and publishing.

If your school is participating in Advanced Book Sales, please pay close to the Promotion Schedule.  The success of any book sales really depends upon having an advocate at the school to build excitement and promote the books and tricks, that is why we send at least one sample book for you to use and keep after the program.

Please make copies of the Amazing Teacher Order Form for every student in your school.  We ask that you distribute these a few days before the program(s). Then, make a daily announcement promoting the books and reminding the students to return their form to their teacher either the day before or the day of the program.


You also will want to make use of the fun promotional videos the help promote the upcoming reading show as well as the book/trick sales.  The promotion schedule above will guide you through how best to use these videos.

Steve will bring books the day of the assembly and personally inscribe the books while he is at your school. Then he will return them to the teachers to distribute the same day. If he runs short on time, we’ll mail the books to you immediately after the program.


Occasionally some venues, districts or counties require insurance to cover our services.  Amazing Teacher currently provides a general liability insurance.

In particular, our coverage is a comprehensive Certificate of Liability Insurance provided by an A-rated insurance company with coverage of $1,000,000 Limit per Occurrence/$2,000,000 Total Aggregate per Event.  (no deductible)

If your location needs to be added  as an “Additional Insured” there is an extra $35.00 payment added to our program fee. Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.


Some venues, districts or county systems require vendors to provide a valid Business License or Registration.  In an effort to comply with the various regulations and requirements, we now post our current Business Registration online.  This is just one more way we are working to make it easy to do business with Amazing Teacher.