Auction Items

Saturday May 6, 2023

Super Duper Balloon

One of Abbott’s most unique and popular effects from the past. As close to a true levitation as there is in magic. No threads, wires, etc, just a balloon floating through a hoop in the air! Approximately four feet travel distance. Available as the traditional rabbit. This version is corded but has a remote. Performing to music recommended.

A large, round balloon is inflated (the spectator can do this), and held between the hands of the magician. Slowly the hands are removed and the balloon floats in space! There is positively, NOTHING attached to the balloon! Can be done in a church basement, or the largest of stages! This is the perfect way to go into super needle or dove from balloon since the balloon is un-gimmicked!  NOTE:  This does not include the stand.

New Price:  $495

Auction Minimum:  $275

Modern Foo Style Box

Based on the original Cabinet of Foo, this custom-made outfit has a separate pedestal base and a contemporary cabinet able to hold a 4-5 pound rabbit.  All four sides are opened and the two side panels are removed, showing the interior of the cabinet to be empty.

While in this condition the cabinet may be turned and shown on all sides. The panels are replaced, the four side doors are closed and the production begins. This apparatus may be used as either a production or a vanish. The load chamber is almost as big as the cabinet. This can be used close-up, on a platform or on stage and surrounded. The working action is automatic, and this precision-made apparatus is exquisitely finished in bright lacquers.

The letters and words on the panels are vinyl and installed at a local sign shop.

New Price:  $675

Auction Minimum:  $275

Paul Daniels Levitation Trick

A cardboard box is shown with no top or bottom and large holes in the front and back.  The sides could also have large holes in them.  The performer steps inside the two foot high box.  Their legs can be seen.  There are no mirrors.

On the floor surrounding the box is a 360 degree curtain with a frame in the top that makes it easy to pick up to surround the performer and the box.

The performer and the curtain start  to rise from the floor and it is surprising how high they go before returning to the floor.

NOTE:  This is brand new and never been used in performance.  It is made to hold a person of 250 pounds or less.  I never performed it because I developed neuropathy in my feet.  This illusion requires the ability to balance one self.

New Price:  $1100

Auction Minimum:  $475