It’s Easy As 1 – 2 – 3

Decide which show you want to schedule. Browse the Programs page and select the show that best suits your needs. We create a new show, each year, based on the theme selected by the Collaborative Summer Library Program. Of course, all our programs are exciting, engaging, laugh-out-loud fun, and they always encourage the kids to READ!
Build a list of possible dates(s) you want. You can view our current schedule and find either a week when we will be in your area OR a week that suits your schedule.
When you schedule an Amazing Teacher Program, there is NO Deposit, NO Obligation and NO Risk. If you need to change dates, change shows or even postpone the event until next year – NO problem! Our aim is to be the easiest and most flexible performer you have ever booked. To reserve your date, you may: Call Steve direct at  336-906-6893, or use the Make a Reservation form.

How We Schedule Library Shows

Public Library shows are billed by the presentation and are available anytime school is NOT in session. Summer library programs may book up 12-18 months in advance.  So make a no risk reservation early.

Also, we recommend that you send an e-mail to the others in your district, region, or on your listserv and ask if anyone wants to share with you in order to save on  travel.

Library Show Fees

One Program

$335 + travel
  • Single Library
  • 1 – show
  • No Discounts

Multiple Programs

$295 each + travel
  • Same Day/Library
  • 2 to 3 shows
  • Multiple Shows Discount

Multiple Libraries

$325 each + travel
  • Same Day/Libraries
  • 2 or 3 shows
  • Share-a-Day


$305 each + travel
  • Multiple Days/Libraries
  • 6 to 12 shows
  • Group Discount


$Call Us
  • Different Days/Locations
  • 13 or more shows
  • Special Pricing

Available Discounts

NOTE: Discounts may not be combined or used with VIP Specials.

Schedule a 2 or 3 Shows at your library on the same day and save $40 per show!

This is our most popular Discount! If you only need a single program, why not share the day with one or two nearby libraries. This discount saves money on both the show and travel fees. Email your colleagues or post a message on the listserv and SAVE!

When a regional, county or city Library system schedules 6-12 shows as a group (one primary contact) they all save up to $30 OFF the regular price AND will earn discounted travel fees. The Group Discount requires at least two libraries (shows) per day. To qualify, the dates must be consecutive.

MileageMap  Mileage Map  – Use this map to identify your travel zone.

Travel Fees

Zone 1

  • 25-50 mile radius

Zone 2

  • 50-100 mile radius

Zone 3

  • 100-150 mile radius

Zone 4

  • 150-200 mile radius


  • 200+ mile radius

About Travel Fees

  • Travel is based from High Point, North Carolina
  • Travel includes gas, food and lodging expenses
  • Many clients reduce or waive travel by group booking
  • To identify your zone, view the Mileage Map