Travel fees (gas, food, and lodging expenses) are very simple and straightforward.  The fees are calculated by the distance between your school or library and High Point, North Carolina.

Dollar amounts on the chart below are estimates.  The actual travel fee can be calculated at .50 cents times the round trip mileage to your location.  For example, if MapQuest or Google Maps shows your location to be 100 miles from our home base in High Point, then your travel would be .50 cents x 200 miles (round trip) = $100.  Please keep in mind that travel expenses are subject to fluctuation and therefore subject to change.

Zone 1 – (25-50 mile radius) =  $25-$50
Zone 2 – (50-100 mile radius) =  $50-$100
Zone 3 – (100-150 mile radius) =  $100-$150
Zone 4 – (150-200 mile radius) =  $150-$200
Custom – (200+ mile radius) = $200+

NOTE:  0-24 miles one-way is FREE!

One way to save paying a full travel fee is to find a nearby school or library that will schedule an Amazing Teacher event the same day as you.  For example, if your total travel fee is $100, and you find a nearby school or library to share the day, you can split the fee in half and pay only $50.

There are several other ways to reduce or waive the travel fee.  Give us a call or email for details.