Will you modify a program or customize a program at our request?

Certainly, as long as the changes do not impact the educational significance of the program.  Since each of our programs are written like a one-act play, major changes can disrupt the flow and value of the presentation.  This said, with enough advance notice, we can often create a custom themed program using elements from several existing programs.  Call us for details.


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Is it best to divide our students by grade level?

Educationally this is a wise decision as it allows us to present age-appropriate materials.  However, from a practical standpoint, we know this is not always possible, nor is it required.

Ideal divisions for elementary are primary (K-2) and intermediate (3-5).  For middle school and high school programs there is not a preferred grouping.

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What does “Share-a-Day” discount mean?

Share-a-Day is simply a way for everyone to save money.  For schools, when you schedule a half-day (1-2 presentations), pass the word along to  your colleagues. If they opt to share the other half of the day or evening, you both can save money on both the program fees and the travel.  Public libraries may also benefit with the Share-a-Day discount.  Anytime Steve can schedule more than one library on the same day, it becomes more affordable for everyone.

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What is your inclement weather policy?

None of us can control or accurately predict the weather.  Occasionally Amazing Teacher events must be postponed (either by the school/district or by Amazing Teacher).

In most cases, good communication will help to save time, money and avoid dangerous road conditions.

If an event is cancelled or postponed due to inclement weather, Steve reserves the right to charge a nominal gasoline and lodging fee where applicable.  In most cases this fee will be waived if the event is rescheduled later.

If your school or library is prone to inclement weather (i.e. snow or flooding) it may be wise to avoid scheduling an Amazing Teacher events during certain times of the year.

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When is the payment due?

Once a show has been scheduled, we will send (snail mail AND email) an invoice and W-9 form.  The invoice due date is always 30-days after the show date.  While we are happy to receive payment on the day of the show(s), we understand the paperwork involved in securing payment and allow up to 30-days after the event to receive payment.

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