Will you modify a program or customize a program at our request?

Certainly, as long as the changes do not impact the educational significance of the program.  Since each of our programs are written like a one-act play, major changes can disrupt the flow and value of the presentation.  This said, with enough advance notice, we can often create a custom themed program using elements from several existing programs.  Call us for details.


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What program would you recommend as a reading reward or incentive?

Currently, our most popular reading programs include: Celebrate, Build It!, Arctic Express and Celebrate Seuss!.  These programs are high-energy shows with lots of audience participation.  Since each is primarily a motivational show, they works especially well for any age, even older students (6th-8th) or family gatherings (PTO/PTA).

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What is an Amazing Teacher show like?

Our shows are unique and are difficult to describe.  Some have described our programs as a one-act play, with the script driven by selected books.

Listed below are elements that you might experience in a typical show:

  • amazing magic tricks and illusions (although it is not a magic show)
  • a silly puppet or two (although it is not a puppet show)
  • a selection of both current and classic books
  • a lot of audience interaction and/or participation (on stage)
  • a strong motivational message about reading and library resources
  • an academic springboard for educational topics (i.e. science, bullying, geography, math, etc.)
  • a theatrical production using backdrops, sound, lighting, visuals and engaging props
  • heart warming stories mixed with laugh out loud humor and antics


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