Do we need to provide a P.A. (Public Address) System?

While in some venues this can be helpful, we usually provide our own P.A. system including wireless a microphone.  Occasionally, Steve may choose to plug his mic or music  into a fixed P.A. system, but this is not required.

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What do you need our school/library to provide?

Steve  brings most everything necessary to make your event a success:  including a theatrical backdrop (time and space permitting), a professional PA system, a  custom collection of props, puppets, and much more!

All you need to provide is a place to perform (with a power source nearby), three identical adult-size chairs, and a small table.

If you have a clear stage or raised platform with steps, this is always a plus, but is not required.

Depending upon the location of the performing area, we might request two or three older students to help unload and load the equipment.  It is ideal to unload near the performing area where equipment can be rolled into place (i.e. no steps).


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