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How long do your shows last?2018-09-05T15:56:19-04:00

All my standard shows will run 45-50 minutes, although there is some flexibility where needed.

If requested in advance, I can customize a show to a specific length of time.

How can we opt out of paying travel fees?2019-10-07T09:37:15-04:00

There are several ways to reduce or waive travel fees:

  1. Find a nearby school to share the day . . .and split the travel between both schools.
  2. Find a nearby school to tag along the day before or after to reduce your travel fee.
  3. Host an Amazing Teacher Book Sale (every $1 in sales covers a $1 in travel).
Can we schedule two different programs on the same day?2022-09-05T09:08:21-04:00

Can we schedule two different programs on the same day?

Maybe!  It really depends on the timing and the location of the performances.   If you schedule a half-day, for example, there is not enough time to setup one show, perform, pack up, change costumes and then repeat the process.  However, if you schedule a full-day or a half-day in the afternoon and an evening program, hosting two different programs is doable.  Call us for details.

How many students can participate in the Amazing Teacher assemblies?2017-02-24T07:30:52-05:00

LaughOutLoudFunny2We have performed for groups as small as 25 and as large as 1200.  For educational significance, we suggest 250-300 students as a maximum number per presentation.  If you have more than 150 students, we recommend a raised platform/stage or elevated seating (bleachers) and/or multiple presentations.

How much does it cost to host an Amazing Teacher assembly?2022-09-12T17:27:51-04:00

How much does it cost?

School Shows

School shows are scheduled by the day (half-day, full-day or evening).  Half-day includes 1-2 presentations of the same program are $625 (plus travel)Full-day includes 2-4 presentations of the same program are $1100 (plus travel).  Evening events are typically viewed the same as a Half-Day and can include 1-2 presentations of the same program.

Two nearby schools may split (share) a full-day and pay 1/2 of the full-day fee.  Travel expenses vary depending upon your location but often can be discounted or waived by networking.

For more information see Book a School Show.

Library Shows

Public Library shows are billed by the presentation and are available anytime school is NOT in session.  The current fee for a single program starts at $345 (plus travel).   Discounts are available for sharing the day, multiple bookings, and regional, county or city library systems.

For more information see Book a Library Show.

Do we need to provide a P.A. (Public Address) System?2013-11-15T03:08:44-05:00

While in some venues this can be helpful, we usually provide our own P.A. system including wireless a microphone.  Occasionally, Steve may choose to plug his mic or music  into a fixed P.A. system, but this is not required.

What do you need our school/library to provide?2019-10-07T09:43:29-04:00

Steve  brings most everything necessary to make your event a success:  including a theatrical backdrop (time and space permitting), a professional PA system, a  custom collection of props, puppets, and much more!

All you need to provide is a place to perform (with a power source nearby), three identical adult-size chairs, and a small table.

If you have a clear stage or raised platform with steps, this is always a plus, but is not required.

Depending upon the location of the performing area, we might request two or three older students to help unload and load the equipment.  It is ideal to unload near the performing area where equipment can be rolled into place (i.e. no steps).


How much time do we need to allow between assembly programs?2013-10-10T14:27:33-04:00

Typically we can reset most of our programs in the time it takes to dismiss one group and bring in the next group (about 10 minutes).


Will you modify a program or customize a program at our request?2013-10-10T14:27:13-04:00

Certainly, as long as the changes do not impact the educational significance of the program.  Since each of our programs are written like a one-act play, major changes can disrupt the flow and value of the presentation.  This said, with enough advance notice, we can often create a custom themed program using elements from several existing programs.  Call us for details.


Is it best to divide our students by grade level?2013-10-10T14:26:54-04:00

Educationally this is a wise decision as it allows us to present age-appropriate materials.  However, from a practical standpoint, we know this is not always possible, nor is it required.

Ideal divisions for elementary are primary (K-2) and intermediate (3-5).  For middle school and high school programs there is not a preferred grouping.

What program would you recommend as a reading reward or incentive?2017-10-09T16:06:33-04:00

Currently, our most popular reading programs include: Celebrate, Build It!, Arctic Express and Celebrate Seuss!.  These programs are high-energy shows with lots of audience participation.  Since each is primarily a motivational show, they works especially well for any age, even older students (6th-8th) or family gatherings (PTO/PTA).

What does “Share-a-Day” discount mean?2013-10-10T14:45:23-04:00

Share-a-Day is simply a way for everyone to save money.  For schools, when you schedule a half-day (1-2 presentations), pass the word along to  your colleagues. If they opt to share the other half of the day or evening, you both can save money on both the program fees and the travel.  Public libraries may also benefit with the Share-a-Day discount.  Anytime Steve can schedule more than one library on the same day, it becomes more affordable for everyone.

Do you require a deposit?2013-10-10T18:43:12-04:00

When you  schedule an Amazing Teacher show, there is NO Deposit, NO Obligation and NO Risk.  If you need to change dates, change shows or  even cancel the event until next year – NO problem!  Our aim is to be the easiest and most flexible performer you have ever  booked.

What do the different travel zones mean?2013-10-10T17:23:18-04:00

Travel fees (gas, food, and lodging expenses) are very simple and straightforward.  The fees are calculated by the distance between your school or library and High Point, North Carolina.

Dollar amounts on the chart below are estimates.  The actual travel fee can be calculated at .50 cents times the round trip mileage to your location.  For example, if MapQuest or Google Maps shows your location to be 100 miles from our home base in High Point, then your travel would be .50 cents x 200 miles (round trip) = $100.  Please keep in mind that travel expenses are subject to fluctuation and therefore subject to change.

Zone 1 – (25-50 mile radius) =  $25-$50
Zone 2 – (50-100 mile radius) =  $50-$100
Zone 3 – (100-150 mile radius) =  $100-$150
Zone 4 – (150-200 mile radius) =  $150-$200
Custom – (200+ mile radius) = $200+

NOTE:  0-24 miles one-way is FREE!

One way to save paying a full travel fee is to find a nearby school or library that will schedule an Amazing Teacher event the same day as you.  For example, if your total travel fee is $100, and you find a nearby school or library to share the day, you can split the fee in half and pay only $50.

There are several other ways to reduce or waive the travel fee.  Give us a call or email for details.

What is your inclement weather policy?2013-10-10T17:53:59-04:00

None of us can control or accurately predict the weather.  Occasionally Amazing Teacher events must be postponed (either by the school/district or by Amazing Teacher).

In most cases, good communication will help to save time, money and avoid dangerous road conditions.

If an event is cancelled or postponed due to inclement weather, Steve reserves the right to charge a nominal gasoline and lodging fee where applicable.  In most cases this fee will be waived if the event is rescheduled later.

If your school or library is prone to inclement weather (i.e. snow or flooding) it may be wise to avoid scheduling an Amazing Teacher events during certain times of the year.

What is an Amazing Teacher show like?2013-10-10T18:42:00-04:00

Our shows are unique and are difficult to describe.  Some have described our programs as a one-act play, with the script driven by selected books.

Listed below are elements that you might experience in a typical show:

  • amazing magic tricks and illusions (although it is not a magic show)
  • a silly puppet or two (although it is not a puppet show)
  • a selection of both current and classic books
  • a lot of audience interaction and/or participation (on stage)
  • a strong motivational message about reading and library resources
  • an academic springboard for educational topics (i.e. science, bullying, geography, math, etc.)
  • a theatrical production using backdrops, sound, lighting, visuals and engaging props
  • heart warming stories mixed with laugh out loud humor and antics


When is the payment due?2013-10-10T18:45:22-04:00

Once a show has been scheduled, we will send (snail mail AND email) an invoice and W-9 form.  The invoice due date is always 30-days after the show date.  While we are happy to receive payment on the day of the show(s), we understand the paperwork involved in securing payment and allow up to 30-days after the event to receive payment.

How far will you travel?2013-11-15T03:09:47-05:00

We will travel most anywhere, however we perform most of our programs in Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.  When we travel, we try to block book an area.  If several schools in the same area schedule programs, we often waive travel expenses and offer other incentives.

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