Thank you for purchasing Steve’s book entitled Let’s Party!  The clues for the mystery of The Spry Old Women are as follows:

#1 – The men are running as fast as they can.
#2 – There are other people in the same area.
#3 – The men always stay seven feet behind the woman.
#4 – All three people paid money to be where they are.
#5 – The men are not moving forward.
#6 – All three people are indoors.



The Answer

The answer to The Spry Old Woman is that all three people are on treadmills in a gym or sports club.

More Brain Teasers

The following brain puzzles or mysteries will make for an entertaining time at your next party.  Give them a try for yourself.  The clues and answers are included below.

The Foursome

A group of four people come together and follow a road they will believe will lead to enlightenment.  The group’s leader brings along a trusted companion.

Question:  What is the name of the leader’s companion and in what city does the road end?


1.  All four members of the group sing.

2.  You won’t find the city on any map.

3.  There are no signs on the road.

4.  The leader’s companion has four legs.

5.  The city is named after a precious gem and the road is made of brick.

6.  The leader and her four-legged friend aren’t in Kansas anymore.

Answer:  The animal’s name is Toto and the road ends at the Emerald City. (Wizard of Oz)

The Missing Furniture

A group of uniformed men calmly enter a house during broad daylight and take every possession that a family owns. The family does not call the police but does find their belongings three days later.

Question:  Why were the police not involved and where did the family find their belongings?


1.  The family knows how the men operate.

2.  The men are not part of a government agency.

3.  The men are known for taking things.

4.  The family found their things in another city.

5.  The belongings were exactly where the family expected them to be.

6.  The family gave the men money but it was not a ransom for their belongings.

Answer:  The men are movers and the family found their belongings in their new house.