He did it again!

Amazing Teacher, Steve Somers is a staple of our summer reading events! We try to have him visit us every summer and he always delivers a wonderful show full of books and reading, magic and fun. He can do a program for any age and keep the audience mesmerized. He is top notch! Our summer programs would not be complete without him!

Cindy Henderson
Ahoskie Public Library/Albemarle Regional Library

Awesome Presenter!

Wonderful show! The students were so engaged and very much enjoyed the program!
Principal, students and teachers want Mr. Somers to come back next year!

Melissa Redd
St. Paul School
Cana, VA

Steve Somers is Always the Star of the Show!

We have called on Steve year after year for our anchor entertainment for our festival that draws nearly one thousand participants! This is our first year back face to face in three years and we were so excited to have Steve as part of our festival that supports literacy in our community. Steve is the best to work with in planning and the kids LOVE him! His shows are engaging and is always a favorite on our feedback forms! Thank you, Steve for always making our day special!!

Val Pyrtle
Rockingham County Reading Association
Reidsville, NC

Crowd pleaser!

Our students and families thoroughly enjoyed Steve’s “Salute to Seuss” show. He kept everyone engaged and entertained throughout the entire show. We had many students and parents tell us how much they enjoyed it. We would highly recommend Steve if you are looking for great entertainment for your next family event!

Victoria Grieser
Amelon Elementary School
Madison Heights, VA

Amazing Assembly

Mr. Somers was amazing during his Salute to Seuss assembly. His assembly was highly entertaining and engaging all the while communicating a powerful message to promote reading.

Abu Zaeem, Principal
Shadybrook Elementary School
High Point, NC

All Smiles

We were thrilled to have Steve Somers at our library. I smiled so much my cheeks hurt! Many of the children who attended the “Salute to Seuss” program have informed me that they are going to be magicians when they grow up. One little boy even said to his mother that she had to help him follow his dreams because Mr. Steve said so!

Mika Davis
Martin Memorial Library
Williamston, NC

Great Show!

Our students enjoyed Mr. Steve so much! They are still talking about both shows he performed for us during the school day and the evening show for the families of our students! He is engaging and the students loved the magic! We love having him here at our school!

Candace Adcock
La Crosse Elementary
La Crosse Virginia

How’d he do that???

My kiddos were so happy to watch the Salute to Seuss performance. They especially liked the rabbit trick. We unfortunately had another magician the Friday before his show, Monday, that was much louder and wilder, but the teachers all said they liked the more calm, musical performance and different showmanship from Magician Steve Somers.

I invited him at my previous school and they all love his show as well. It was a perfect kick-off to our Read Across America week and included many books.

Others took the photos, so I don’t have any, but it was great and he did two, PreK-1 and 2-4.

Kim Aker
Bland County Elementary
Bland, VA

Fun, engaging and inclusive!

Steve had our students’ attention from the very beginning. He spent a whole day at our school with multiple shows and a classroom visit and every show had the same enthusiasm and energy. Our students have missed having these types of experiences over the past few years and we hope to make “The Amazing Teacher” an annual event!

Tammie Soccio
Glenwood ES
Virginia Beach, VA

Everyone loved it!

Steve did a great job integrating magic in while talking about character traits in the Set Sail presentation. He kept everyone’s attention throughout the 45-50min show. We loved how he tied in the military appreciation while talking about the colors of the flag because we have a large military-affiliated population at our school. I think it’s safe to say we all fell in love with David Hopperfield!

Renee Hayden
Butts Rd Intermediate
Chesapeake, VA

Sooooo much fun!

The students as well as the teachers loved the show! We haven’t had an assembly since CoVid, and what a way to get back at it again! It was fabulous hearing the laughter ringing in the gymnasium! Steve does a fantastic job of getting the audience involved and engaged during his performance! I highly recommend this show!

Lynn Carr
Cluster Springs Elementary
Alton, Va

One word…PHENOMENAL!!!

Amazing teacher, Steve Somers…an understatement! The magic show was show was awesome! The show was creative, and so well put together, that everyone (teachers and students included) didn’t want the show to end. Mr. Somers created a show that was filled with heartfelt stories of his childhood, that actually made you feel as if you took a journey with him to enjoy his “Christmas Story.” Only this Ralphie came with magical tricks, which were phenomenal!
Thank you for allowing me to be a kid again with the bright-eyed kindergarteners, who never wanted the show to end.

Tracy Draper
Shadybrook Elementary
High Point, NC

Very engaging

Even though we had a small audience, Steve was just as engaging as with a large audience. All of the children and parents enjoyed the show.

Shelley Levinson
Fairfax County Public Library
Great Falls, VA

We had a blast!

Our K-5 students had so much fun watching Amazing Steve during his Jingle Bell Magic Show. It was awesome to see the looks of surprise and excitement on their faces throughout the entire show. They were totally engaged and haven’t stopped talking about it since. Working with Mr. Steve was easy and he made sure to help us through each step of organizing his visit! We can’t wait to have him back again.

Samantha J Grabman
Spotsylvania County Public School
Partlow, VA


We have hosted Steve for several years for our Read Across America week or to end the year for our Field day. The kids enjoy his presentations and his message that reading and imagination are key. Our staff and students enjoy him every year!

Sharon Jayne
Rocky River Elementary School
Mooresville, NC

Salute to Seuss Wildly Entertaining

We had Steve come for his Salute to Seuss program, and after two years with no assemblies, it was just what we needed. The program was highly engaging, wildly entertaining, and content appropriate for our K-5th graders. It was so nice to see the students laugh and interact with someone from outside the building after so long of not being able to have these experiences. Thank you, Steve, for a wonderful day!

Marcy Wohlford
Breckinridge Elementary School

Steve is absolutely AMAZING!

Steve is absolutely AMAZING! He engages the students and the teachers in his mesmerizing performances. Our Anderson Creek Cubs look forward to seeing his shows every year.

Christie Bolton
Anderson Creek Primary School
Bunnlevel, NC


Thank you so much for the FABULOUS show. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and you were FANTASTIC! Our scholars were blown away by your many talents. Bravo! Thank you again for a pleasant afternoon and an engaging performance.

LaTonya Lawrence
Suburban Park Elementary
Norfolk, Virginia

Students hardly stop laughing

We love having Mr. Steve visit our school. We love all of the shows he has shared with us so far. He is very kind and hilarious, the kids hardly stop laughing. We look forward to having him again next year!

Tracey Carlson
Anderson Creek Primary School

Salute to Seuss

What an amazing show! The students and faculty enjoyed every minute of the show. It was a great way to kick off Read Across America week! Thank you Steve!

Lori Stone
Yellow Branch Elementary
Rustburg, VA

Greatly anticipated! Never disappoints!

Steve has been coming to Centerville for 5+ years and he always delivers an enjoyable, memorable show. The giggles and cheers you hear coming from the auditorium speaks volumes of his ability to capture an audience. We will continue to welcome The Amazing Teacher at our school for years to come!

Janet L Dolan
Centerville Elementary
Virginia Beach, VA

Audience loves Hopper!

A great show that entertains the whole family.

Anita Adams
Madison Heights Elementary
Madison Heights, VA

Amazing time for students and staff

Steve is a delight to work with and the show is phenomenal. The students and staff laughed and learned throughout the entire performance. We will welcome Steve back again and again!

Tracey Carlson
Anderson Creek Primary School
Bunnlevel, NC

Very Engaging

Students were very engaged during the show.

Catie Johns
Brier Creek Elementary
Thomasville, NC

Great Show!

This is a fantastic show. It is very entertaining and presents a great message!!

Jamie Gordon
Brier Creek Elementary
Thomasville NC


Mr. Somers performed two captivating shows for our students and parents. His shows stress the importance of reading while entertaining the students with magic. We can not wait to have Mr. Somers back in 2020!

Emily Murray
Herman L Horn
Roanoke, Virginia

Steve Somers, The Amazing Teacher Never Disappoints!!

Steve is a returning favorite to our Community Reading Festival each year. He is engaging and entertaining for children and parents. He is the kind of entertainment needed for the over 1200 participants we have each year! His show is always a positive feedback comment we have on our evaluation cards. He is truly AMAZING!!

Valerie Pyrtle
Parent Resource Center Reidsvlle, NC

Fantastic show!

Steve gave a wonderful performance!! The students and staff enjoyed it immensely. The children have been checking out magic books ever since. A veteran teacher who will be retiring this year told me that in all of her years of teaching this was the best assembly she had ever been too! Another teacher commented what a wonderful job Steve did dismissing the children…they were so quiet and calm! Overall, it was a fantastic show!

Ellen Harmon
Hurt Park Elementary School

Students loved it!

The Salute to Seuss show entertained students and staff. Students were amazed by the magic and staff loved the humor. I already plan to bring back Steve and encourage others to see his show as well!

Sharon Ellmore
Grandin Court Elementary School
Roanoke, VA 24015

Steve Somers Amazes again!

Steve Somers Amazes students and teachers again! Once again Steve provided a show that was entertaining and amazing to all who watched! K through 5th grade and the staff were enthralled! His magic tricks wove seamlessly into a performance that focused on books and curriculum infused with character! They are already asking me when he will be back! I’ve had him 5 years in a row and every year is different and great!

Colleen Yarnell
Union Cross

Awesome Job!

The students LOVED the show! Great magic tricks! Even the teachers were amazed! Will definitely be inviting him back again next year!!!!

Sue Polumbo
Overhills Elementary
Spring Lake, NC

Absolutely Amazing!

The Salute to Seuss show was absolutely amazing! The students and teachers were so engaged. We will definitely use Steve again next year!

Christie Bolton
Anderson Creek Primary School

Edge of Seat

What an amazing program to kick off Read Across America week! It was fun to see the students on the edge of their seats awaiting what might come next!

Stephanie James
Spiller Elementary School
Wytheville, VA

Fun filled day!

The students and staff at Morgan Elementary are still talking about Mr. Somers and all the magic tricks! The Celebrate Reading show was a perfect choice as we start our Bikes for Books program to encourage reading. Steve’s program is organized, entertaining, and requires very little prep time for the school. He brings everything! What a fun filled day!

Lisa England
Morgan Elementary


The students are still talking about Celebrate Seuss! Everyone enjoyed the show – from preschoolers to 5th graders! Thanks for the great learning opportunity!

Annette Ferguson
Cluster Sprinigs Elementary School
Alton, VA

Engaging educational show

The students, parents, and teachers loved this show. He kept everyone actively engaged with his wonderful magic and sense of humor, but managed to teach reading skills at the same time. I would hightly recommend this to any school.

LeAnn James
Amelon Elementary School
Madison Heights, VA

Wonderful Performance

The Amazing Teacher show is highly engaging. Children and Adults alike laugh throughout the performance. It has a great message encouraging our students to read. We always enjoy when the Amazing Teacher comes to school.

Joy Kurko
Amelon Elementary
Madison Hts. VA

This show is TRULY amazing!

Mr. Somers never fails to mesmerize our students! We get so excited every time he visits our school! He IS truly amazing!

Michelle Slate
Brier Creek Elementary School
Thomasville, NC

Engaging and Entertaining

I was a little worried that the program might not appeal to my middle school students, but WOW! Even my 8th graders were on the edge of their seats straining to see what was happening. We held a morning program, but all of our students were still talking about it through the afternoon. Multiple students came to see me in the library afterward to check out books on magic. Steve was extremely easy and professional to work with and very prompt in all of his communications with me. What a memorable way to celebrate our school’s reading accomplishment!

Liberty Middle School
Ashland, VA


Mr. Somers was AMAZING! His Standing Tall show is packed with inspiration on making good choices and being a hero. For 50 minutes, nearly 600 students sat quietly and intently. He brings the books to life through his magic. I highly recommend getting The Amazing Teacher to your school!

Alicia Warf
Galax Elementary School
Galax, VA

Great Show!

Steve does a fabulous job relating to young children with important character building messages through exciting magic and wonderful books! He has a way with talking the the students so they can understand his wonderful messages!

Candi Adcock
Lacrosse Elementary
Lacrosse Virginia

Great show!

The students and teachers once again enjoyed a great show on Friday! Build It! Thanks, Steve, for making reading exciting for the kids!

Annette Ferguson
Cluster Springs Elementarty
Alton, VA

Build It!

This is probably my fifth time seeing your performance. You always do a wonderful job. The students are engaged and have so much fun!

Allison Engel
Centerville ES
Virginia Beach, VA

Entertaining and Educational

Our school recently enjoyed another performance by the Amazing Teacher, Steve Somers. His “Arctic Express” program entertains and educates students about Christmas traditions around the world. He uses literary selections to introduce each cultural celebration, along with magic tricks and other fun activities. The best part is when he makes it “snow” at the end of the show! Teachers ask for him to come back again and again, and students of all ages enjoy his shows.

Lisa Denning
North Harnett Primary School
Angier, North Carolina

Entertaining and Educational

The Amazing Teacher did a wonderful job during four assemblies at our school. I was particularly impressed with his behavior management which fit right in line with our schools PBIS initiative. In addition, the Amazing Teacher differentiated his shows, accounting for the developmental differences between the ages/grade levels. Thank you, Amazing Teacher!

Christie Long
Armel Elementary School
Winchester, VA

I laughed so hard!

I laughed so hard!  The children were engaged!  The show was awesome!  Book Steve to come to your school!

Denise Winboy
Varina Elementary
Henrico, VA

He is our favorite assembly

Steve is so edutaining! Everyone enjoys his shows. He is our favorite assembly and worth every cent!

Sue Eichele
Southeastern Elementary
Chesapeake, VA

Best Assembly

This really is the best assembly we have ever had! I recommend it!

Lori Mercer, Principal
Belmont Station Elementary Ashburn, VA

Emphasizes the Power of Reading!

Steve Somers knows how to captivate the students and the teachers while emphasizing the power of reading. . . Thank you for such a wonderful afternoon.

Amanda Chase
Cople Elementary, Hague, VA

Steve’s Programs are Great!

The students have enjoyed each program that Steve has presented, and this is the third year he has been at my school. They always talk about “the Magician” Steve’s programs are great, and the children will love them.

Earlene Lester
Coeburn Primary - Coeburn, VA

Mission Accomplished! He was Great!

I got a lot of feedback from teachers saying they loved the program. I also had students coming to the library asking for the books featured. This is an e-mail a first grade teacher send me: “I just wanted you to know how much I loved the assembly yesterday! The kids couldn’t stop talking about it and were actually telling each other about the different things they wanted to look up when we have library next. Mission accomplished! He was great!”

Sherry Lord
Claremont Immersion School - Arlington, VA


Enthralling is the best word to describe Steve’s program. Steve is a natural storyteller and relates well with the children. They love his magic tricks and his “corny” jokes. The adults laughed as hard as the kids did and also appreciated the strong message about the value of books and reading. Steve is living his dream and enjoying every minute of it!

Teresa Calhoun
Stewartsville Elementary - Goodview, VA

Engaging and Entertaining!

The faculty and staff loved the program and have expressed interest in having Steve come back to E. Wilson Morrison. the program was engaging and entertaining and that the students and faculty loved the program.

Jennifer Cooper
E. Wilson Morrison - Front Royal, VA

Great Show!

Great Show! It was engaging for students and parents! Kids love the magic and are learning while having fun!

Angie Griffin
Forest Park Elementary, Kannapolis, NC

We Loved the Program!

The teachers and students loved the program!

Ashley Morgan
Johnson Street Global Studies, High Point, NC


This is the best program we’ve had at our school. Awesome – Thanks so much!

Gina Crippen
Rocky River Elementary, Mooresville, NC

I Highly Recommend Him!

Steve Somers is an extremely qualified entertainer who knows how to get across important messages to children in ways they enjoy and remember. His extensive background in education makes him an ideal performer for school programs, and I highly recommend him.

Samuel Patrick Smith
Editor, The Funny Paper (magazine) - Tavares, FL

Everyone Asked When Steve Was Coming Back!

Steve provides a quality, SOL linked program that stresses the importance of books and reading. Steve is an incredible magician! The students and the teachers were amazed. I have never had everyone thank me for booking a program as they did with this one. Everyone asked when he was coming back!

Julie Tanner
Stump Elementary, Stuarts Draft, VA

Guaranteed to Reach Even the Youngest Audience.

Steve Somers always presents an entertaining program guaranteed to reach even the youngest audience. Our students are still chanting “Read to Achieve” as their motto.

Susan Moorefield
Thomasville Primary, Thomasville, NC

Students and Staff Loved Steve’s Edutainment!

“The students and staff loved Steve’s edutainment so much they want him back next year for a different program.”

Sue Clifton
Southeastern Elementary
Chesapeake, VA

Children Will Be Amazed!

Steve Somers does an excellent job of captivating his audience with magic and all the while reinforcing how magical reading a book can be. Children will be amazed and delighted by his use of book characters and real life experiences of how a book can open a door to help you achieve your goals and dreams in life.

Carol Anne Copley
Shadybrook Elementary - High Point, NC

We were truly amazed!

Steve gives great assemblies that promote reading using magic tricks. I was impressed with his knowledge of our SOLs, his management of the students, and his reasonable price.

Susan Pollard
Ottobine Elementary