Arctic Express Winter Holiday Reading Show

The Arctic Express Reading Show for Elementary Schools

Conductor Steve from the Arctic Express Winter Holiday Show

Celebrate Winter Holidays!

All Aboard!” Conductor Steve invites your students on an imaginary train ride called the Arctic Express. Passengers will visit and learn about winter holidays around the world.  They will discover the spirit of giving and the magic of sharing.  In addition to regular day-time school assemblies, this program is makes for a wonderful Family Fun Night!  Just add some PJ’s, Hot Cocoa, Cookies and even a Toy or Book Swap.

Train Depot Visits May Include:

  • Hanukkah in Israel
  • Kawanzaa in America
  • Diwali in India
  • Lunar New Year in China
  • Winter Solstice in Northern Europe
  • Christmas around the world

Trainloads of Fun for Everyone!

This is program is trainloads of fun. At the same time it is an enlightening and encouraging look at the spirit of giving and magic of sharing.  During this magical and imaginary trip, qualities of good character are shared.  Parents, students and teachers will be engaged and personally challenged by the message of this amazing reading show.

The Spirit of Giving and the Magic of Sharing
Winter Holiday Books

Books Help Power the Train Ride!

Using acclaimed books from the school library and the Arctic Express Reading List, Conductor Steve will introduce the students to various winter celebrations.  Three of the books are:  The Snowy Day, by Jack Ezra Keats, Snip Snip Snow, by Nancy Poydar, and of course, The Polar Express, by Chris Van Allsburg.

Students Will Remember this Show!

Steve presents a wonderful mix of interaction and surprising illusions throughout his 45-50 minute presentation.  Meanwhile, the children and teachers are listening and learning similarities and differences in various winter celebrations.  In particular, Steve emphasizes the importance of respect and simple ways we can share or give to others in need.

Kids Take a Ride on the Arctic Express with the Spirit of Giving
Kids at a PJ Party and the Spirit of Giving

Kids at a PJ Party Celebrate Winter
Holidays Around the World!

Spirit of Giving & the Magic of Sharing!

This is a spectacular show and a sheer delight for everyone—the boys and girls, the teachers and the staff. The story line effectively captures what Steve Somers is committed to do for your school.  Most of all, he wants to share his heart and his life with you, while encouraging the spirit of giving and the magic of sharing.

Consequently, when you see Snowball “bunny” appear, the “magic snow” fall, and hear the sleigh bell ring, you won’t be the only one to wipe a tear from your eye.

Steve is indeed an amazing teacher and this is a show that children and adults will remember for a long, long time!

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The perfect show for Winter Holidays!

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