The Auction Items for May 2024

Robert Baxt’s Lantern Lie Detector with Remote

The classic comedy premise in a Lantern device that’s EXTRA LOUD for EXTRA LAUGHS! The Perfect “push button” Comedy bit for Best Man Speeches, Roasts, and Retirement events! Fantastic Fun for Family and Kid Audiences!

NEW CONDITION – With Remote and Instructions

Value $189
Min Bid $65

Magicians Changing Chest by Mikame

The most important feature of the Mikame Magicians Changing Chest is you can start your routine with the Lid closed! The flap does not drop by closing or opening the Lid. You can perform unbelievable miracles with this Mikame Craft Original. Even have the spectator open the Lid.

Production and Vanish : Silk appears from an empty chest, then vanishing in the chest!

Switching Effects : Blank paper to money. Card changes. Paper to silk!

Revive : Torn bills, Notes then restored!

Transpositions : Silk in the hand moves into the chest!

Mentalism : Clairvoyance, Predictions, Envelopes etc !NEW CONDITION – With Remote and Instructions

Value $189
Min Bid $95

The Floating Deck by Tim Spinosa

The Floating Deck can be performed in the most intimate close up show, three inches from your spectator’s nose, all the way to a massive stage show performance.

Can be customized with light fun patter to a dark and mysterious performance (Examples; Fairies/Angels, Voodoo Spirits/Ghosts, etc.)

GREAT CONDITION with Original Instructions

Value $149
Min Bid $45

Stage Size Silk Cabby by Smoky Mountain Magic

Vanish, produce, Switch, Blend silks.  It’s the classic Silk Cabby…but BIGGER!

Comes with Jukebox and Radio fronts.

NEW CONDITION – NO Instructions

Value $185 + $25 = $210
Min Bid $95

Mental Ropes by Al Glennan

You show a natural wood box, in which lies five different brightly-colored ropes. Both ends of each rope dangle outside both sides of the box. A magic wand (or similar such device), is placed cross-sectionally inside the box across from the ropes. The ends of the wand are thus sticking out of the box in full view at all times. To prevent interference, a lid is placed on top of the box covering the ropes and wand. An audience member is asked to simply select one of the colored ropes of their choice. They can change their mind if so desired as the effect plays out!

The remaining ropes that were not selected are pulled out individually. The spectator can ALSO choose which colored ropes to remove—and in what order—from the box. It’s important to highlight the control the spectator has both in choosing the colored rope they want to remain in the box, and also choosing which ropes are removed and in what order. When the lid is removed, it is revealed that the spectator’s selected rope is the ONLY one that is tied around the magic wand that’s been there from the very beginning!

Complete with cleverly designed box and rope and wand.

NEW CONDITION with Original Instructions

Value $85
Min Bid $30

Square Circle with Extra Load

Effect:  This is a Square Circle with a Genie Tube for an extra load.

USED CONDITION NO Instructions (Load Tube needs to be recovered)

Value $95
Min Bid $25

The Human Xylophone by Keith Fields

A fantastic stage filling routine for any act! Keith Fields amazing routine with the Human Xylophone is loads of fun!  It uses 8 volunteers with wind chimes and wooden spoons to create a musical instrument on which you can play many tunes.

You get everything you need to do this routine and it all comes in a bag to keep the pieces together and safe.

GREAT CONDITION with Original Instructions (Includes bonus sunglasses)

Value $170
Min Bid $65

The Giant Dwarf by Supreme Magic

Effect:  A Dwarf is sitting on top of the Castle in which he lives when a fierce Giant makes his appearance. Declaring that his house-hunting days are over, the Giant not only says that he intends to take possession of the Castle, but he is also going to eat the Dwarf for his dinner. Upon this, the Dwarf suddenly grows larger than the Giant and comes out to meet him causing him to tremble with fear and, dodging the Giant-Dwarf, to run into the Castle and hide. However, the magic Castle causes the Giant to shrink to a size even smaller than the Dwarf was in the first place. The Castle is shown empty before and after each transformation.

GOOD CONDITION with Original Instructions (Missing stands for Giant & Dwarf)

Value $175
Min Bid $65

Balloon Oracle

An ingenious prediction system from 2022 FISM-winner HJ.

“Balloon Oracle” by HJ, in collaboration with Henry Harrius, is a marvelous piece of mentalism that effortlessly blends audience engagement with side-splitting humor and sheer astonishment. It’s strong, direct and easy to perform.

BRAND NEW – Never Used

Value $120
Min Bid $75

The TBC BOX 2.0

The underground secret weapon of professional mentalists for more than a decade, is now available worldwide!

The “TBC Box 2.0” features a variety of amazing features not found in other switch boxes:

  • First-ever switch box that can be assembled right in front of the audience, fully loaded and instantly reset (it can even hold a full deck of cards)
  • The first switch box on the market that allows you to easily switch back to the original billets
  • A magnetic flap with an identical zipper offers the perfect illusion when in the “down” position
  • Practical for everything from close-up magic to stage and parlor magic shows, and even virtual magic shows.

BRAND NEW – Never Used

Value $150
Min Bid $75

Axtell Magic Drawing Board

The Magic Drawing Board has become a phenomenon! PICTURE THIS: You’re standing in front of your audience holding a blank grid drawing board. You (or with a volunteer) draw ANY simple face on the board. (Draw Mickey Mouse, Flintstone even someone in audience!) Right before their eyes, the drawing comes to life! It’s eyes move and the mouth opens and closes, under your complete control! (Your audience jumps and gasps, your adrenaline rushes – you know you have a hit!) After talking with it, you end by visibly erasing it while it’s moving leaving you clean, holding a blank board once again!

Great Condition – Large -includes cloth and two markers

Value $250
Min Bid $95

Axtell Green Machine

Comes with Green Machine, Yellow & Orange Trash Tube, Secret Gimmick, but NO instructions.

Perfect theme for this trick! You can TIME TRAVEL with the Green Machine in your show! Put in a prop – spin the Arrow wheel to the RIGHT to go FORWARD into the FUTURE! Pull out the transformed object or go BACK to the PAST by spinning it to the LEFT! Turn it into a full Back to the Future theme with the movie’s familiar sound effects, lab coat, theme music, etc.!

Great Condition – Out of Stock

Value $150
Min Bid $65