A Scientific Look at Living and Growing Things!

SteveandFranklinJoin Safari Steve for an entertaining look at the world around us! Bugs ‘N’ Stuff is a fun way to make science come to life! This exciting assembly program covers the life cycles of insects and plants, their importance to the ecosystem, how they help and harm humans, and more. Students will discover what makes the insect world the most diverse and largest animal group on the Earth.

Bugs ‘N’ Stuff causes students to learn while having fun at the same time. Your children will laugh at the antics of Tucker Turtle (a puppet). They will be amazed as Safari Steve uses books, tricks, music and drama to illustrate fascinating things that live in their own backyard.

“Steve brings the perfect combination of education and entertainment to his performances. He got kids excited about books and science.”
Kristin Hildum, Princess Anne Elementary - Virginia Beach, VA
“This was without a doubt one of the best assemblies we have ever had. Both the educational and entertainment value were excellent.”
Lily Turner, Chatham Elementary - Chatham, VA

Incorporates Great Books

The Bugs ‘N’ Stuff show includes a fascinating collection of both fiction and non fiction books designed to help students explore the world around them. Students may discover  unique characteristics of insects (three body parts); and the interesting life of a honey bee.

Safari Steve

Along with Safari Steve, the Bugs ‘N’ Stuff show often has several special guests including Freddie the Fantastic Jumping Flea from Far Away Ft. Lauderdale Florida, Tucker the Turtle, and Bugs Bunny (aka Hopper the Magic Rabbit)!

grasshoppertacosMan Eating Bugs

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) the average chocolate bar contains eight pieces of insect.  This is just one of the amazing facts students learn in the show.  They hear about “grasshopper tacos” (pictured above), hot grub stew, and meal worm spaghetti!  Yum- yum!

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Bugs 'N' Stuff is a great science and reading show!

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