Celebrate Reading Magic Show for Elementary Schools

The Celebrate Magic Program for Churches!

Host a Party for Your Group!

Here is a church outreach idea!  It is a fun way to celebrate God’s love at your church!  This show is exciting kick-off event, an enthusiastic evangelistic program and an engaging Family-Fun-Night?

Celebrate is sure to be a hit. Just imagine a fast paced, high energy program including amazing tricks, puppets, music and tons of audience participation. And this is just the beginning.

When you invite Steve to host this incredible party at your location, your folks will be talking about it for weeks. Steve highlights a several aspects of God’s love and the importance of the Church as the Body of Christ. So come on . . .let’s celebrate all together!

Steve Somers likes to Celebrate Reading

The best assembly we have ever had!

Lori Mercer, Principal, Ashburn, VA

The Amazing Tablecloth Stunt!

Have you ever wanted to really pull a tablecloth out from under some dishes without disturbing a plate or breaking a dish? Well that’s what Steve does during the Celebrate show. Celebrate is a church outreach program where Steve shares the secret to this stunt from one of his books: Let’s Party! Amazing Tricks and Stunts. Don’t miss it!

The most marvelous presentation encouraging children to read that we have seen.  Steve really does make reading magic.

Susie Wilcox, Lexington, NC

Tucker the Turtle!

Tucker Turtle joins the celebration as he shares his experience in the classic story: “The Tortoise and the Hare.” Listen and laugh as Tucker weaves his twisted version of this well known tale. Plus, hold your side, while Tucker comes out of his “shell” with his own unique brand of humor. There is nothing slow about this turtle.

Teachers and kids told me it was the best show they have ever seen!

Spencer Cross, Title 1 Reading Teacher, Lynchburg, VA

Best Church Outreach Program!

The theme of the Celebrate show is built on the premise that God loves us and is calling each one into a personal relationship with Him.  No matter who you are, when you put your trust in God by believing in His only son Jesus, you can be saved. The program concludes with a clear and concise presentation of the Good News of God’s love!

Floating Table