Celebrate Reading Magic Show for Elementary Schools

Celebrate Reading at Your Library!

All Together Now at the Library!

Are you looking for a fun way bring everyone together at the Library?  Invite Steve Somers to Celebrate Reading at your location!  This show not only celebrates reading but encourages Friendship, Kindness and Teamwork.  After all, together is better!

Celebrate Reading is a high energy fast paced magic show.  During the program Steve Somers gets a lot of volunteers to help make the magic happen.  Together they will perform tricks, interact with a silly puppet, listen to snappy music, and discover the importance of friendship and how to read to succeed.

When Steve Somers appears at your library, he will host a truly amazing presentation.  In fact, your young readers will be talking about it for weeks, not to mention all the books they will make disappear off the shelves.  Steve references a fun collection of contemporary and classic books during the show.

Steve Somers
Steve Somers and the Amazing Table Cloth Stunt

The Amazing Tablecloth Stunt!

Have you ever wanted to REALLY pull the cloth out from under the dishes and NOT break a thing? Steve Somers has done it over 1,000 times, live!  While this stunt is much more a juggling feat than a magic trick.  And believe it or not, Steve shares the secret to this feat in his book: Let’s Party! Amazing Tricks and Stunts.

Tucker the Turtle!

Tucker Turtle is Steve’s favorite sidekick.  While both the audience and Steve know Tucker is only a puppet, Tucker believes he is real.  His appearance in the Celebrate Reading show includes a hilarious interpretation of  “The Tortoise and the Hare.”  Hold your side, while Tucker comes out of his “shell” with his own unique brand of humor. There is nothing slow about this turtle.

Steve Somers and Tucker Turtle
Read to Succeed with Books

Incorporates Great Books!

The Celebrate show is a party that celebrates the joy of reading and books.  Without creative words on a page and beautiful pictures that bring those words to life books would not exist.  Steve’s reference to both classic and contemporary books make the show magical!  So, when students discover the magic words: “Read to Succeed!” the magic really begins.

An Amazing Finale!

The theme of the Celebrate show is built on the premise that reading leads to success. No matter who you are, when you believe in yourself and read to succeed. . .anything is possible. The show climaxes when a volunteer from the audience becomes the star. They help make a table float in the air. A great “Kodak Moment”!

Read to Succeed

Watch the Celebrate Reading Highlights Reel!

Take a peek at some video clips from the Celebrate show. Celebrate is Steve’s most popular show.  It is perfect  for the Summer Reading Program 2023.

This is the perfect show for the All Together Now theme in 2023!
It’s definitely time to Celebrate reading at your Library!