Celebrate Seuss at your Library

Celebrate Seuss at Your Library!

Host Celebrate Seuss at your Library!

Celebrate Seuss at your Library with a party! What kind of party? A Salute to Seuss party! This can be an exciting “edutaining” event to promote reading! Or simply a special party to engage your community of readers!

Salute to Seuss is Wacky & Wonderful!

Are you looking for a fun way to engage students with the power of books?  Let your students experience the wacky, wonderful, world of Dr. Seuss!

When you Celebrate Seuss at your Library it is sure to be a hit because it is a fast paced, high energy program! It includes amazing tricks, a silly puppet, music and tons of audience participation.  And of course, it goes without saying, a great collection of Dr. Seuss books!

Steve Somers Celebrates Seuss at Your Library

What an amazing show! The students and faculty enjoyed every minute of the show. It was a great way to kick off Read Across America week! Thank you Steve!

Lori Stone, Yellow Branch Elementary - Rustburg, VA
Amazing Books help Celebrate Seuss at your Library

A Fun Assortment of Seuss Books!

Students will watch, learn, and be entertained by several whimsical Dr. Seuss stories.   But the show does not just reference the enduring classics which should always have a place in a child’s library.  Salute to Seuss also makes mention of some of Seuss’s little-known books.

We had Steve come for his Salute to Seuss program, and after two years with no assemblies, it was just what we needed. The program was highly engaging, wildly entertaining, and content appropriate for our K-5th graders. It was so nice to see the students laugh and interact with someone from outside the building after so long of not being able to have these experiences. Thank you, Steve, for a wonderful day!

Marcy Wohlford, Breckinridge Elementary School

Students Will Talk About this Show!

When you invite Steve to host this incredible Salute to Seuss show at your library, your readers will be talking about it for weeks, not to mention all the books they will want to read.  Salute to Seuss show highlights a fun assortment of Seuss books.  Give your readers a chance to discover the magic of reading!

Celebrate Seuss with Hopper the Magic Rabbit

The Salute to Seuss show entertained students and staff.  I already plan to bring Steve back!

Sharon Ellmore, Roanoke, VA
Celebrate Seuss with Memorable Seuss Characters

A Crazy collection of Zany Characters!

While the Grinch, Cindy Lou Who, the Cat in the Hat, and Thing 1 & 2 are popular favorites, there’s no shortage of Seuss characters to know and love.  His zany characters invite us to use our imaginations and join the party.  His stories explode with many interesting and downright weird characters.

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Host Celebrate Seuss at your Library

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