Project Description

The Dig into Reading Magic Show – AVAILABLE Summer 2020

Fairy tales, fables and fantastic stories . . .Oh my!  Stories are powerful tools to influence, teach and inspire.  Storytelling forges connections between people and ideas.  Stories convey culture, history and values that unite us together.  The Dig into Reading Magic Show engages students with important life messages wrapped in fun easy to remember tales.  The imaginative interactive style of the show builds familiarity and trust allowing students to be more open to learning complex ideas.

Using magic tricks, a silly puppet, drama, music, books and a variety of stories, the Dig into Reading show may include some of the following messages:

  • Humpty Dumpty  – the value of never giving up
  • How to Catch a Unicorn – the value of imagination and big dreams
  • Little Miss Muffetthe value of courage even when you are afraid
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolfthe value of credibility through honesty
  • Beauty & the Beast the value of inward beauty over outward appearance
  • Jack and the Beanstalkthe value of contentment regardless of circumstances
  • The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs –  the value of being satisfied with what you have
  • The Crow and the Pitcherthe value of thoughtful persistence over brute strength
  • The Mother of All Diamondsthe value of patience over instant gratification

The Dig into Reading show is a theatrical production including:

Steve and Beauregard re-enact the story of the Crow and the Pitcher.

Steve and Beauregard

  • professional lighting and backdrop system (if space & time allow)
  • a professional PA system with 24+ music or FX trax to enhance the show
  • a riveting princess guessing game using a volunteer from the audience
  • a re-enactment of Jack and the Beanstalk using three volunteers!
  • a hilarious retelling of the “Crow & the Pitcher” (with Beauregard Bird)
  • an amazing machine designed to catch a magic Unicorn!  Will it work?
  • the magical appearance of a live rabbit name “Hopper”
  • a half-a-dozen volunteers from the audience to make the magic happen
  • a promise to motivate kids to read more books
  • increased circulation of library books
  • a free bookmark for everyone attending
  • and much more!

Incorporates Great Books

Dig into Reading creatively combines learning and fun resulting in magical edutainment!  It starts with a look at some of the most popular princess fairy tales.  Then Hopper, the magic rabbit, challenges Mr. Steve to Catch a Unicorn using a magic unicorn catcher. Along the way, students reenact a new version of the time honored Jack and the Beanstalk while igniting the power of their imagination!

Classic Fairy Tales

The Dig into Reading reading show is built around the theme of storytelling.  In particular, one aspect is that of classic fairy tales.   Steve is happy to partner with award winning illustrator Scott Gustafson.  Scott captures the power of fairy tales in his beautiful illustrations.  Not only did Steve license Scott’s wonderful “Storyteller” work for the show, Steve is also giving a free copy of one of Scott’s books to the first 20 venues that schedule Dig into Reading!

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“The Storyteller” © Scott Gustafson. All rights reserved. Used with permission of the artist.
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