Project Description

Join Safari Steve and his friends as they take your kids on a wild imaginary tour of their backyards, neighborhoods and community parks. A teacher for more than 25 years, Steve combines a unique blend of “education and entertainment” to creatively teach your young students about science in the backyard. Along the way students will also learn interesting facts about animals and the environment. Using magic tricks, drama, puppets, stories, and music Steve makes learning fun!

Since it’s debut in 2006, Go Wild! has become a classic favorite. Using several picture books from the Go Wild! reading list, Steve captivates the audience with fun stories while engaging them in the learning process.

Discover the the magic of science in your backyard as you . . .

. . . witness a magical demonstration of how an anole lizard change colors to protect himself.
. . . meet Petie Possum (a puppet) as he tries to explain some back yard science.
. . . watch a couple of volunteers dance like honey bees.
. . . meet Tucker Turtle (a puppet) from the story of the Hare and the Tortoise.
. . . meet “Bugs Bunny” aka Hopper the Magic Rabbit (a live rabbit)
. . . and much more!

Benefits of the Go Wild! show:

  • perfect for celebrating Earth day
  • suitable for groups of less than 300
  • easily presented at your location with minimal space
  • affordable price for your group’s budget
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The perfect program for April and May.

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