Saddle Up 'N' Read

A Wild West Reading Adventure!

Saddle Up ‘N’ Read with Steve!

Pack your bags, saddle up ‘n’ read and get ready for an amazing adventure you’ll never forget.  Come ride with Cowboy Steve and his friends as they take your students on a new reading and tumbleweed adventure.

Visit Countries from Around the World!

During the program students will discover a passport to reading, visiting places like China, Egypt, Italy, India and even the wild west of Dodge City, Kansas.  Like all of his programs, this show includes costuming, puppets, magic, music, audience participation and a strong message about using library resources!

Secrets to a Great Story!

This time, Cowboy Steve and the students at your school will discover some of the secrets to a great story.  In particular, they may learn about descriptive language, character development, plot twists and other writing tools. 

Steve and Hopper the Magic Rabbit

I laughed so hard!  The show was awesome!  My kids loved it!

Denise Winboy, Henrico, VA
Books Help You Saddle Up 'N' Read a Great Story

Incorporates Great Books!

The Saddle Up ‘N’ Read show includes a fascinating collection of stories from all around the world.  Tales of brave heroes and heroines are retold alongside magical stories of talking animals and enchanted lands.  The show describes elements of great stories including both fiction and non-fiction examples!

The show was fantastic.  The kids loved it!  Steve did a great job!

Janet Smith, Concord, NC

Watch Your Students Light Up!

Steve uses the “Storie-O-meter 5000” to discover books and stories that set the stage for learning and fun.  Special guest, Petie, the Opossum (a puppet) interrupts the show with engaging concepts like:  omnivore, marsupial,  nocturnal, etc.  Meanwhile, Kazzam, an East Indian Spitting Viper Cobra (not really) makes a surprise appearance with the help of a student volunteer!

Books to Help You Ride into a Great Story
Cowboy Steve and the Saddle Up 'N' Read show

The Blue Bandanna!

Watch and listen to The Blue Bandanna, an original melodrama from the Old West.  Evil villain, Bad Bart, steals a necklace from the beautiful Gracie Pearl.  He ties her to the railroad tracks and disappears.  But wait, could it be?  Yes . . .it is none other than Texas Ranger:  Justin Tyme.  Will he save the day?  Only Tyme will tell.

Steve Somers is wonderful!  His shows are great!  The kids love them, they are enthusiastic and ready to learn.

Mary Kathryn Shepherd, Washington, NC

In the News!

Occasionally local newspapers report about Amazing Teacher events at local schools and libraries.  Check out this article from the Camp LeJeune Globe.  Steve was honored with another opportunity to share his magic with the military families.  Page 1 and Page 2. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Saddle Up 'N' Read Noteworthy News
Cowboy Steve in the Saddle Up 'N' Read Show!

Saddle Up N Read will help Students:

  • Value similarities/differences in others
  • Integrate reading and writing skills
  • Use their imagination in daily life
  • Read for fun and enjoyment
  • Create their own amazing stories
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Saddle Up 'N' Read is a great when reading is the focus!

Giddy up and book the Saddle Up show now!
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Elementary School Testimonials!

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