Set Sail in Search of the Treasure of Good Character

A High Seas Reading Adventure in Search Treasure at Your Library!

Search for Good Character Traits: Treasure at Your Library!

Ahoy mates! Raise your sails for a high-seas adventure. Join Captain Steve and his friends as they take your readers on an amazing voyage in search of treasure at your library!  That’s right, the treasure of good character traits. Students will discover good character and the importance of making wise choices while learning about values such as:

  • Trustworthiness – Be honest!  Have the courage to do the right thing!
  • Respect – Follow the Golden rule!  Listen and be considerate of others!
  • Responsibility – Work hard!  Do your best!  Set an example for others!
  • Fairness – Play by the rules!  Take turns and share!  Treat others fairly!
  • Caring – Be kind! Be compassionate and show you care! Express gratitude!
  • Citizenship – Be a good neighbor!  Obey the rules!  Make a difference!
Captain Steve in search of treasure at your library

Good Character Traits Matter!

Character Counts - Good Character Traits
Good Character

Character Education Development Specialist, Steve is certified by CHARACTER COUNTS!  Character Counts is the most widely implemented approach to character education in the country. It is embraced by thousands of schools, communities, public agencies and nonprofits. Character Counts! is an educational framework for teaching universal values. It transcends politics, religion, and cultural differences.

Books are KEY to discover Treasure at Your Library!

Using acclaimed books from the library and the Set Sail Reading List, Captain Steve will introduce readers to good character traits! Some of the books include: Treasure, by Suzanne Bloom, Caldecott Medal Winner: Flotsam, by David Wiesner, The Empty Pot, by Demi, Treasure Island, by Robert Louis and the popular Yes Day!, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal – And many more books are treasure at your library.

Great Books for Good Character
Captain Steve will Set Sail in Search of Good Character Traits

The Greatest Treasure of All!

Captain Steve will take the audience on an imaginary nautical adventure that results in finding treasure at your library.  Not something that you can see, or touch and feel, but rather something much more valuable.  It is not gold or silver, nor is it precious gemstones or lots of money.  Instead, your young readers will discover something they all desire most: THE SECRETS OF FRIENDSHIP!

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This is the perfect reading show for anytime of the year!
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