Project Description

An Amazing Dental Health Show!

Here is a fun way to learn about Dental Care and how to have some Mighty Tidy Teeth! Dental Care is something that all children need to learn at a young age, and this program is perfect for just that. With a fast paced interactive fun show that is geared just right for their age level, your children will learn some important facts about keeping their teeth healthy and strong.

During the months of February and March I present the “Teeth are Neat” show. This program is guaranteed to make your kids laugh and most of all teach them about Dental Care. February is National Dental Month and March is National Nutrition month. What better way to learn about these important topics!

When Children see and hear the lesson they are more likely to learn! Teeth are Neat is a fun filled 35-minute show along with audience participation, comedy, music, and of course … GREAT MAGIC AND A FANTASTIC FUN TIME!

Benefits of the Teeth are Neat show:

  • students discover how to brush their teeth
  • students learn about good foods to eat
  • Ralph the Mouth will tell us about his trip to the dentist
  • designed with pre-school students in mind (30-35 minutes)
  • suitable for small groups of less than 100
  • easily presented at your location with minimal space
  • affordably priced for your group’s budget
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The perfect program for February and March.

Hurry, book this show early as dates disappear fast!
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