Amazing Assembly

Mr. Somers was amazing during his Salute to Seuss assembly. His assembly was highly entertaining and engaging all the while communicating a powerful message to promote reading.

2023-03-14T15:39:02-04:00Tuesday, March 14, 2023|

All Smiles

We were thrilled to have Steve Somers at our library. I smiled so much my cheeks hurt! Many of the children who attended the “Salute to Seuss” program have informed me that they are going to be magicians when they grow up. One little boy even said to his mother that she had to help him follow his dreams because Mr. Steve said so!

2023-03-14T14:51:14-04:00Tuesday, March 14, 2023|

Great Show!

Our students enjoyed Mr. Steve so much! They are still talking about both shows he performed for us during the school day and the evening show for the families of our students! He is engaging and the students loved the magic! We love having him here at our school!

2023-03-09T09:28:43-05:00Thursday, March 9, 2023|

How’d he do that???

My kiddos were so happy to watch the Salute to Seuss performance. They especially liked the rabbit trick. We unfortunately had another magician the Friday before his show, Monday, that was much louder and wilder, but the teachers all said they liked the more calm, musical performance and different showmanship from Magician Steve Somers.

I invited him at my previous school and they all love his show as well. It was a perfect kick-off to our Read Across America week and included many books.

Others took the photos, so I don’t have any, but it was great and he did two, PreK-1 and 2-4.

2023-03-03T22:37:55-05:00Friday, March 3, 2023|

Fun, engaging and inclusive!

Steve had our students’ attention from the very beginning. He spent a whole day at our school with multiple shows and a classroom visit and every show had the same enthusiasm and energy. Our students have missed having these types of experiences over the past few years and we hope to make “The Amazing Teacher” an annual event!

2023-02-21T11:26:56-05:00Tuesday, February 21, 2023|

Everyone loved it!

Steve did a great job integrating magic in while talking about character traits in the Set Sail presentation. He kept everyone’s attention throughout the 45-50min show. We loved how he tied in the military appreciation while talking about the colors of the flag because we have a large military-affiliated population at our school. I think it’s safe to say we all fell in love with David Hopperfield!

2023-01-30T21:59:19-05:00Monday, January 30, 2023|

Sooooo much fun!

The students as well as the teachers loved the show! We haven’t had an assembly since CoVid, and what a way to get back at it again! It was fabulous hearing the laughter ringing in the gymnasium! Steve does a fantastic job of getting the audience involved and engaged during his performance! I highly recommend this show!

2023-01-09T09:11:10-05:00Monday, January 9, 2023|

One word…PHENOMENAL!!!

Amazing teacher, Steve Somers…an understatement! The magic show was show was awesome! The show was creative, and so well put together, that everyone (teachers and students included) didn’t want the show to end. Mr. Somers created a show that was filled with heartfelt stories of his childhood, that actually made you feel as if you took a journey with him to enjoy his “Christmas Story.” Only this Ralphie came with magical tricks, which were phenomenal!
Thank you for allowing me to be a kid again with the bright-eyed kindergarteners, who never wanted the show to end.

2022-12-19T15:48:10-05:00Monday, December 19, 2022|

Very engaging

Even though we had a small audience, Steve was just as engaging as with a large audience. All of the children and parents enjoyed the show.

2022-12-18T14:51:51-05:00Sunday, December 18, 2022|

We had a blast!

Our K-5 students had so much fun watching Amazing Steve during his Jingle Bell Magic Show. It was awesome to see the looks of surprise and excitement on their faces throughout the entire show. They were totally engaged and haven’t stopped talking about it since. Working with Mr. Steve was easy and he made sure to help us through each step of organizing his visit! We can’t wait to have him back again.

2022-12-12T15:19:32-05:00Monday, December 12, 2022|
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