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We have hosted Steve for several years for our Read Across America week or to end the year for our Field day. The kids enjoy his presentations and his message that reading and imagination are key. Our staff and students enjoy him every year!

AMAZING Steve is AMAZING!2022-05-29T08:02:41-04:00

Salute to Seuss Wildly Entertaining

We had Steve come for his Salute to Seuss program, and after two years with no assemblies, it was just what we needed. The program was highly engaging, wildly entertaining, and content appropriate for our K-5th graders. It was so nice to see the students laugh and interact with someone from outside the building after so long of not being able to have these experiences. Thank you, Steve, for a wonderful day!

Salute to Seuss Wildly Entertaining2022-03-04T10:51:30-05:00

Steve is absolutely AMAZING!

Steve is absolutely AMAZING! He engages the students and the teachers in his mesmerizing performances. Our Anderson Creek Cubs look forward to seeing his shows every year.

Steve is absolutely AMAZING!2022-03-04T10:48:06-05:00


Thank you so much for the FABULOUS show. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and you were FANTASTIC! Our scholars were blown away by your many talents. Bravo! Thank you again for a pleasant afternoon and an engaging performance.

A HUGE SUCCESS!!2020-03-12T08:40:21-04:00

Students hardly stop laughing

We love having Mr. Steve visit our school. We love all of the shows he has shared with us so far. He is very kind and hilarious, the kids hardly stop laughing. We look forward to having him again next year!

Students hardly stop laughing2020-03-12T08:39:09-04:00

Salute to Seuss

What an amazing show! The students and faculty enjoyed every minute of the show. It was a great way to kick off Read Across America week! Thank you Steve!

Salute to Seuss2020-03-12T08:37:57-04:00

Greatly anticipated! Never disappoints!

Steve has been coming to Centerville for 5+ years and he always delivers an enjoyable, memorable show. The giggles and cheers you hear coming from the auditorium speaks volumes of his ability to capture an audience. We will continue to welcome The Amazing Teacher at our school for years to come!

Greatly anticipated! Never disappoints!2020-02-03T16:00:40-05:00

Always a great performance!

Steve Somers always gives a professional and entertaining show, no matter what the theme is. He is one of the only performers I know who consistently showcases specific books in his programs. He is always mindful of libraries’ literacy goals and he focuses on the importance of reading and the joy of reading in every single show. We had Jingle Bell Magic in December 2019 and the children were absolutely delighted. The laughter and applause were proof that everyone enjoyed the show. Children and adults lined up to pet Snowball the bunny and expressed their appreciation for a terrific show. Thanks, Steve, for book talking and providing quality educational entertainment!

Always a great performance!2019-12-12T16:08:05-05:00

Amazing time for students and staff

Steve is a delight to work with and the show is phenomenal. The students and staff laughed and learned throughout the entire performance. We will welcome Steve back again and again!

Amazing time for students and staff2019-09-19T09:49:01-04:00
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