Sooooo much fun!

The students as well as the teachers loved the show! We haven’t had an assembly since CoVid, and what a way to get back at it again! It was fabulous hearing the laughter ringing in the gymnasium! Steve does a fantastic job of getting the audience involved and engaged during his performance! I highly recommend this show!

2023-01-09T09:11:10-05:00Monday, January 9, 2023|

One word…PHENOMENAL!!!

Amazing teacher, Steve Somers…an understatement! The magic show was show was awesome! The show was creative, and so well put together, that everyone (teachers and students included) didn’t want the show to end. Mr. Somers created a show that was filled with heartfelt stories of his childhood, that actually made you feel as if you took a journey with him to enjoy his “Christmas Story.” Only this Ralphie came with magical tricks, which were phenomenal!
Thank you for allowing me to be a kid again with the bright-eyed kindergarteners, who never wanted the show to end.

2022-12-19T15:48:10-05:00Monday, December 19, 2022|

Very engaging

Even though we had a small audience, Steve was just as engaging as with a large audience. All of the children and parents enjoyed the show.

2022-12-18T14:51:51-05:00Sunday, December 18, 2022|

We had a blast!

Our K-5 students had so much fun watching Amazing Steve during his Jingle Bell Magic Show. It was awesome to see the looks of surprise and excitement on their faces throughout the entire show. They were totally engaged and haven’t stopped talking about it since. Working with Mr. Steve was easy and he made sure to help us through each step of organizing his visit! We can’t wait to have him back again.

2022-12-12T15:19:32-05:00Monday, December 12, 2022|

Fun! Fun! Fun!

It’s always a pleasure to have a performer who obviously enjoys what he does and who is happy to share with his audiences. The children and adults who attended our program went away with headshakes of wonder, saying “How did he do that?” Smiles on each face said, “He was funny” and “I liked Mr. Somers”!
Thanks, for a great day!

2022-10-26T10:22:47-04:00Saturday, July 23, 2022|

Always a great performance!

Steve Somers always gives a professional and entertaining show, no matter what the theme is. He is one of the only performers I know who consistently showcases specific books in his programs. He is always mindful of libraries’ literacy goals and he focuses on the importance of reading and the joy of reading in every single show. We had Jingle Bell Magic in December 2019 and the children were absolutely delighted. The laughter and applause were proof that everyone enjoyed the show. Children and adults lined up to pet Snowball the bunny and expressed their appreciation for a terrific show. Thanks, Steve, for book talking and providing quality educational entertainment!

2022-10-26T10:24:06-04:00Thursday, December 12, 2019|

Always Highlights Books and Reading!

One of my favorite aspects of Steve Somers’ shows is that he always, always stresses the importance of reading and imagination. He does great mini-booktalks in every show, highlighting books that are relevant to his topic and of interest to kids. People ask for books after his performances thanks to him giving attention to books and reading. He is reliable, professional, always on time and so easy to work with. His magic and message are great for all ages and he has a wonderful selection of shows to offer. Steve works to create new shows for each summer’s reading program theme, too, so you can book him in advance knowing you will have a terrific show for your library. Thank you, Steve Somers! You are an amazing teacher!

2022-10-26T10:26:23-04:00Sunday, July 28, 2019|

An Absolute Professional

We were very happy to invite Steve Somers back to our library this summer. From my initial booking request to the clean-up after the show, Steve was an absolute professional. When you book an Amazing Teacher program you are getting his years of experience as an educator which truly shines through. My library patrons could not stop raving about the show and asking for him to come back next year. Thank you for the amazing program!

2022-10-26T10:24:47-04:00Sunday, July 28, 2019|

Summer 2019 Space Trek Program

We have enjoyed Steve Somers’ programs for several years and always find him to be organized, helpful, professional and very entertaining for children and parents. He is always on time and not only offers a fantastic and educational program but helps promote with great posters and bookmarks–and he donates a children’s book! We look forward to his visiting The Archdale Public Library in the future.

2022-10-26T10:24:56-04:00Thursday, July 4, 2019|

Steve Somers, The Amazing Teacher Never Disappoints!!

Steve is a returning favorite to our Community Reading Festival each year. He is engaging and entertaining for children and parents. He is the kind of entertainment needed for the over 1200 participants we have each year! His show is always a positive feedback comment we have on our evaluation cards. He is truly AMAZING!!

2019-03-14T17:18:35-04:00Thursday, March 14, 2019|
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