Great Experience!

Steve performed his Arctic Express and Jingle Bell Magic shows at our library branches, and our kids loved it! These high-energy shows got the whole audience into the holiday spirit with exciting magic tricks that had even the adults stumped! The action, humor and music kept even the youngest children engaged, and they all lined up eagerly afterwards to pet Snowball the rabbit. I had multiple families come up to tell me how much they enjoyed the performance. Having Steve at our library was a great experience!

2022-10-26T10:31:13-04:00Tuesday, December 18, 2018|

Great program!!

We truly enjoyed Steve’s program. He had magic which I personally had not seen before. All the children had a great time, as well as the adults.

2022-10-26T10:32:43-04:00Wednesday, August 22, 2018|

Great Summer Reading Program

We were so impressed with Steve’s program at our library. The children were very attentive and truly enjoyed the program.

2022-10-26T10:31:54-04:00Wednesday, August 22, 2018|

Enthusiasm, Magic and Professionalism!

Steve Somers gave a wonderful performance at the library this week! We enjoyed his enthusiasm, magic, and professionalism. The kids really liked petting the rabbit at the end.

2022-10-26T10:32:54-04:00Thursday, July 12, 2018|

Very engaging and a fun show for all ages

The Amazing Teacher is highly recommended by me as a wonderful performer to bring into your school, center or library. Steve is very engaging and keeps the kids involved throughout the show. Kids and parents loved the performance and had many nice comments afterwards.

2022-10-26T10:33:03-04:00Sunday, July 1, 2018|

His Programs Are Fresh and Imaginative!

Steve Somers is a professional. His programs are educational and entertaining. He can handle any crowd and all ages. His programs are fresh and imaginative, never a repetition of others. He keeps audiences involved from start to finish! Our very favorite performer of all!

2016-06-10T14:53:38-04:00Friday, June 10, 2016|
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