I Laughed A Lot!

I laughed a lot. I also learned some pretty cool facts. But most of all, I became interested in magic.

2022-10-26T10:48:31-04:00Thursday, June 9, 2016|

I Was Speechless!

When Mr. Somers pulled the table cloth off the table and nothing moved, I was speechless!

2022-10-26T10:48:42-04:00Thursday, June 9, 2016|


I thought is was amazing when the bunny rabbit appeared in the treasure chest.

2022-10-26T10:48:56-04:00Thursday, June 9, 2016|

The show was really funny!

It was really funny when Mr. Somers was searching for the map. I learned that knowledge is a treasure for everyone.

2022-10-26T10:49:14-04:00Thursday, June 9, 2016|

He was magical!

He was magical. I learned that when you don’t know something you should go get a book.

2022-10-26T10:49:32-04:00Thursday, June 9, 2016|
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