Introducing TWO New Virtual Reading Shows for your students!

Ounce Upon a Time Show

Can books really talk?  I think so!  In April 2020 I started creating a series of magical interactive sessions based on both classic and contemporary bed time stories.  Each session includes the following:

  • video routine performed in the studio by Steve
  • a dozen fun activity sheets to download and share
  • a “how to” video teaching how to perform a magic trick
  • online resources (games, puzzles, crafts, etc.)
  • a list of related books students may want to read
I Love to Read Show

The I Love to Read magic show is an interactive show that highlights more than a dozen great books that I love to read.  And the best thing: every student gets a front row seat! In this show students will. . .

  • discover books that inspire their life
  • they will learn to make a dollar bill float in the air
  • create a brain teaser to challenge their family and friends
  • witness several captivating optical illusions
  • predict the future using their imagination!

Special Prices for Amazing Teacher Shows this Season!

Once Upon a Time Book Talks

  • Pre-recorded Only
  • Access License for up to 8 Weeks

I Love to Read

$295 or 395
  • Pre-recorded or Virtual
  • Access License for up to 8 Weeks

Both Shows (Combo)

$495 or 595
  • Pre-recorded or Virtual
  • Access License for up to 16 Weeks