Amazing Magic Wand

If you purchased an Amazing Magic Wand from the Amazing Teacher, Steve Somers, you have landed on the correct page.  Below you will find directions for six additional tricks that you can perform with your magic wand.  Remember, practice, practice, practice . . . and have fun!

Magnetized Wand


Place the wand across the open palm of one hand, with the back of the hand toward the audience. Curl your fingers into a fist. Slowly open your fingers and the wand seems magnetized to your hand.

Secret… Grip your wrist with your other hand. Don’t let the audience see your right index finger holding the wand in place.

Sticky Wand

Effect: Similar to the Magnetized Wand, but it takes a little more practice.StickyWand

1. Hold wand as shown.

2. Lift one thumb. Audience will think that your other thumb is now holding the wand.

3. Lift second thumb. They will be amazed!

4. Study the drawings to see how the trick is achieved. Interlace fingers so that one is folded inside your palms. The wand is held behind hidden finger.

5. To end the trick, pull your hands apart quickly and let the wand fall.

Rubber Wand


Have your friends touch the Wand to see that it is stiff. Then hold the wand loosely as you move your arm rapidly up and down. Movement should come from your shoulder. Wand looks like a rubber stick.

Escaping Wand

EscapingWandRoutine: “I’ll wind this string around the wand and tie the string in a knot. When I say the magic word, the wand will escape.” Wrap string around the wand three times. Hold the string with your index finger (see drawing). Wind the string around the wand three more times, but in the opposite direction. Have a friend tie a knot. Say,”SUPERFUGIO” (Escape in Latin), and pull the string straight down. The wand will be free of the string, yet the string isstill tied in a knot.

Balancing Wand

BalancingWandEffect: The wand defies Gravity.

Preparation: Pull one tip off, fill the wand about one-third with play sand or table salt. Slide the tip back on.

Routine: After holding the wand at an angle so thesand flows to one end of the wand, place the wand on a table with two-thirds (end with no sand) is hanging over the edge. The wand will not fall. Your audiencewill naturally think the wand is weighted at one end. Turn the wand over (allowing sand to slide to the other end) and place it with the other end on the table.

Wand from a Card Box

CardFromBoxEffect: The wand is pulled out of an old playing card box.

Preparation: Cut a slit in the side or bottom of an old card box. Place the wand up your sleeve with an end coming through the slit into the box where you can easily reach it.

Routine: Enter the room with the box in your hand. Your hand hides the wand coming from your sleeve. “Magicians need to keep their magic wands handy. Mine is in this box. I’ll show you.” Open the box, reach in and pull out the
wand. Put the box in your pocket or out of view.