Family Fun Night is around the corner.  It feels like summer has just begun and you know what that means… School will be starting back soon.

It’s an unchangeable fact of nature like the tide, the setting sun and the missing sock.  Soon that first Fall breeze will blow through the air and the summer life as we know it will begin to change…Summer is fun but it tends to disperse people as the habit of going to school is put on the back burner.

So what’s the solution? 

Family Fun Night

Family Fun Night

May I suggest the “Family Fun Night Back to School Event“?

A night of laughter, fun, comradery and encouragement.

Family Nights can be wildly successful!  I have some time-tested strategies, ideas and tips on how to make this happen at your location.

Click on “Family Fun Night,” and to view some exciting ideas right now!

Kids Laughing at Family Fun Night

Family Fun Night

Funny Things Kids Say

A student once complained to me that another student called him the E word. I didn’t know what it was so I asked, and the student replied, “Idiot.”        —Lana G.

“You’re pretty for an old person.”    —Christy T.

Testimonials About Amazing Teacher Shows

A FUNNY Lesson to Live By

“The face of a child can say so much, especially the mouth part of the face.” 

 Jack Handy
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Magical Reading Shows

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Electronic Press Kit


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