And Life Wasn’t so Expensive And Cake Didn’t Make You Fat!

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Welcome Back to School?

I know – this welcome is a bit late!  Summer, as usual was a whirlwind of activities – not the least of all was the loss of our sweet Dachshund Dixie.  She would have been 15 years old on August 18th (incidentally was my folks 73rd Wedding Anniversary).  We all miss her very much – she was a special blessing in our lives!

Dixie at 8 weeks

Thanks to my 93-year old dad – Keith Somers  I have a 40-page book entitled:  Dixie, the First Weeks.  He captured and collected many excellent photos and memories, particularly when Dixie was a puppy.  Not only was he the photographer, but he did the layout and publishing of an exclusive hardbound book we will always cherish.  Thanks Dad – We love you!

One of my Favorite Books:  Dixie, the First Weeks

Dixie the First Weeks

My Dad – Keith Somers and Dixie

Accept It!

If only life were like a Disney movie where pets lived forever, money grew on trees, and you could eat as much cake as you like without getting fat. But, in reality, we’re stuck with pets who age too quickly, a bank account that always seems to be in the red, and love handles for days from our addiction to sweets. It’s a given that we may have to deal with as much adversity in life as we do happiness, but in the end, it is the adversity that makes the happiness that much sweeter!

Funny Things Kids Say

When I asked my 3-year-old son where he came from. He said with super straight face, “Target!”


A Wacky Wordle

Can you identify the phrase represented by the picture below?  (answer at the end of this email below)

Source: University Games

Testimonials about Amazing Teacher Shows

David Hopperfield
Tammie Soccio and Steve

Fun, engaging and inclusive!

Steve had our students’ attention from the very beginning. He spent a whole day at our school with multiple shows and a classroom visit and every show had the same enthusiasm and energy. Our students have missed having these types of experiences over the past few years and we hope to make “The Amazing Teacher” an annual event!


– Tammie Soccio, 

Glenwood Elementary

FUNNY Lessons to Live By

“You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.”

 Bob Hope

Have an amazing day!




P.S. What is my most popular show of all time?  The Celebrate Reading Magic show!  

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Wacky Wordle – ANSWER

                            Don’t Let the Cat Out of the Bag!









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