Well, I’m red in the face.  After a recent performance of the Set Sail reading show a grandmother stopped by with her grand kids to meet Hopper the Magic Rabbit!  Her words made me blush!  She said, “That was a fabulous show!  The best I have seen in a long time!”  It is always humbling but also wonderful to get positive unsolicited feedback!  And yes, it can make me turn library red!  You know, everything in the library should be “read” – especially the books. :)

Well, I'm red in the face!

Funny Things Kids Say

I was asking some of my students if they’d ever gone apple picking, and one of my PreK girls responded with, “No, my car only goes to the supermarket.”

—Tiz N.

“How do you spell UFO?”     —Jennifer C.

“You aren’t mean like some of kids say, you’re just loud!”    —Mary D. 

Testimonials About Amazing Teacher Shows

A FUNNY Lesson to Live By

“To be successful in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone.”

 Reba McEntire
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Magical Reading Shows

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Electronic Press Kit


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