I launched my NEW Set Sail reading show in May.  I was so happy to make a return visit to one of my favorite schools:  Rocky River Elementary in Mooresville, NC.  We always have a great time together, but I didn’t see this coming!  One of the teachers shared this comment about her Pre-K son Evan:

Evan just informed me that the magic boy named Pirate Steve came to school today and showed him some cool magic tricks and new books about treasure. I’m so glad that he got to see the show! He LOVED it!

Who knew?  Magic Boy?  Pirate Steve?  I think I like it!  :)

Evan Loves Magic Boy - Pirate Steve!

The Set Sail show has a Pirate?

Evan saw Magic Boy - Pirate Steve at School today!

Funny Things Kids Say

“You’re pretty for an old person.”  

—Christy T.

“I used to write my name in cursive. Now I just write it in English.” 

—Monty P.

Testimonials About Amazing Teacher Shows

A FUNNY Lesson to Live By

“Age is of no importance unless you’re a cheese.”

~ Billie Burke
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